Lan Xu (许岚)

I am a final-year PhD Candidate in Robotics Institute, ECE Department, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, supervised by Prof. Fang Lu. Meanwhile, I work closely with Prof. Yebin Liu at Tsinghua University since 2016. I will join the ShanghaiTech faculty in Shanghai as a Tenure-track Assistant Professor of SIST in summer 2020.

My research focuses on computer vision and computer graphics. My goal is to capture, perceive and understand the human-centric dynamic and static scenes in the complex real world.
Research Interest: perforrmance capture, 3D/4D reconstruction, scene understanding, artificial reality

Email: or
Address: 6/F, Tower C2, Nanshan Park, Liuxian Ave, Shenzhen 518055, P.R. China

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08/2020 1 paper accepted at ACMMM2020

07/2020 1 paper accepted at ECCV2020

03/2020 2 papers accepted at CVPR2020

03/2020 1 papers accepted at ICCP2020

02/2020 1 papers accepted at IEEE VR2020&TVCG

11/2019 1 papers accepted at IEEE TPAMI